Tactics of a Creative Job Hunter

April 26, 2010

Let me start out by saying this post is a little embarrassing. It’s nearly summer again and I find myself reflecting on a pivotal season in my life – one spent throwing myself out there for potential employers hoping desperately they’d take the bait. These self-proclaimed acts of courage, insanity and sometimes plain stupidity eventually landed me a gig. It’s in my nature to put myself in awkward situations – and I didn’t see that changing for the job-hunting scene.

The traditional job hunters will think you’re insane. I remember (well, not exactly) my roommates’ mouths dropping to the floor when I returned home from an informational drunk as a sailor – but, by golly, it was one of the best and most inspirational ones I’ve had.

Job hunters and parentals of job hunters: I know these tactics look crazy, but that’s the point. What’s really crazy is thinking that conventional methods will get you in the door of an agency known for its untraditional ways.

I’m not telling you to get drunk with your future boss – but certainly do something to catch their attention. Especially when the infamous open-ended intern application question begs for it (Why advertising?…).

So here they are, folks, a few of my most memorial acts of crazy in the name of doing what I love. #Design #Advertising #Experimental. I’m certain these won’t be the last.

When in doubt, dance:

Trick them with empty promises:

Slightly deceiving - but at least they opened the email.

False Identities:

Claiming to look like cat prior to blind job-chat lunch

There’s a reason Obama did it:

Turn phone interviews into beer summits. This tactic hasn't been completely rejected – yet.

Let them decide:

What’s the craziest thing you’ve done to land a job or internship? Did it work?