Naming The Next Stadium

April 6, 2010

OK, nobody asked, but I’ve got a plan for Zygi Wilf when and if he ever gets his new Vikings stadium. He shouldn’t sell the naming rights — exactly. What he should do is name the building Bud Grant Stadium. There’s nobody who resonates with Vikings fans like Harry Peter Grant. He’s one of us — a U of M graduate, a Minneapolis Laker, a coach who led the team during its most sustained era of excellence. Naming the stadium after him would be a hugely popular move.

Ah, but there’s no money in it — a fatal flaw in today’s pro sports marketplace. Here’s how we fix it.

We dub the stadium “The Bud.” Formally, it will be Bud Grant Stadium, but informally, it will be The Bud, as in: “We’re heading to the Bud for the Packers game.” You could incorporate the nickname in some of the stadium signage, as well. It might say “Bud Grant Stadium” in big letters across the front, but somewhere nearby will be a neon sign proclaiming it “The Bud.” For night games, the announcers will say, “We’re under the Bud lights here in Minneapolis.” And when Zygi announces the deal to build the new stadium, he’ll say, “Minnesota: This Bud’s for you.”

Do you think there might be a deep-pocketed company willing to pay for an association with a new pro sports stadium called The Bud? Hmmm, let me think a minute…

When it happens, just remember you heard it here first.