Big Ideas, Big Award

April 28, 2010

“Big ideas trump big budgets.”

Our agency was built on that mantra.  We usually get hired because our client is looking for a heavy dose of creativity to stretch their marketing dollar.  That doesn’t mean that we don’t work with some healthy budgets.  We do. But because our clients don’t often throw terms like Gross Ratings Points around, they are forced to find ways to build awareness and drive sales in non-traditional ways.  That’s where we come in. 

When I started Fast Horse back in 2001, the marketing landscape was very different.   But I was as convinced then as I am now that a small, independent agency could effectively compete with the kind of intergalactic agency where I had cut my teeth.  I always say, nobody buys what we do in bulk. Creativity and flawless execution are the great equalizers, and that’s why boutique shops like ours routinely knock off the Big Boys in competitive pitches.  And it’s why we’re able to give every client that walks through our door a chance to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with even the most deep-pocketed of marketers in the country.  Witness: 

On May 11 in New York City, the following six companies will vie for top honors in the Category of “Business-to-Consumer Marketing, New Product” at the annual SABRE awards:

Starbucks: Annual Revenue –$9.77 billion

McDonald’s: Annual Revenue — $22.7 billion

Barnes and Noble: Annual Revenue —  $5.1 billion

Cargill: Annual Revenue — $120 billion

Unilever: Annual Revenue — $57.1 billion

Next Big Thing, Inc.: Annual Revenue — Well, let’s just say it doesn’t start with a “B.” Or even an “M.”

One of these things is decidedly not like the other ones. The first five need no introduction. (And rest-assured, we’d love to have any one of them as a client.)  The last one, we’re proud to say, is our client. Next Big Thing is a cooperative of apple growers who last year launched a new variety called SweeTango. You can read more about it here.   We helped create a lot of demand for this SweeTango in the handful of markets where it was available last year. That’s why NBT is a finalist for for this prestigious PR industry award. The next challenge will be to maintain and build on the buzz as NBT continues to ramp up to national distribution of Sweetango over the next couple years. 

Don’t bet against us.  Big ideas trump big budgets.