meeting in the flesh: a pictorial of minneapolis brand experiences

March 10, 2010

At social media events around town, I hear a lot of people say how refreshing it is to finally meet in person. I feel the same way about a well designed retail space. Sure, a brand can exist on a web page, look beautiful in print pieces and talk on Twitter, but to meet in the flesh is a breathtaking experience. Typography and the perfect font turns to handwriting on dusty chalkboards and suddenly the brand message is the cashier with dreads handing you your coffee.

The photos below are Minneapolis brands that embrace their space – whether it be a bathroom, front door or dumpster – to create a great, physical brand experience.

Why settle for something canned when it’s so easy to create a personalized, dynamic retail space? These kind of spaces form communities, start conversations and ultimately create brand ambassadors.

Golden Valley Humane Society's sign speaks fluent animal

Decals create a fun environment as you enter the adoption center

Seward Co-op Grocery and Deli

Art in the loading dock

water based sustainable ink on windows

Intermedia Arts

Dunn Bros can create an authentic experience, too

What do the materials say about the brand?

going to the edge

better than Helvetica

back of Muddy Waters

Why buy a sign when you can paint it on? #textures

Twin Cities Green

it's all in the details