do Campaign Creates Small-town Celebs

March 3, 2010


If you live in Minnesota and occasionally find yourself in front of the TV on these cold winter nights, you likely caught a recent Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota ad campaign featuring six Minnesotans who were inspired by the do Campaign to lose weight. For those of you outside the state, the do Campaign raises public awarness of the benefits of physical activity and healthy eating. It’s a really cool program that Fast Horse helped launch several years ago and it continues to inspire Minnesotans to this day.

The last couple months, we’ve been out promoting these amazing folks – who in total lost nearly 700 lbs just by setting a series of small goals in their eating and exercise habits. And we can tell you first hand, they are truly amazing individuals.

And while they were over the moon to share their success story in a statewide commercial and in TV, blog, radio and newspaper interviews, what they found even more rewarding was the attention they got from the residents in their communities. People stop them at restaurants and grocery stores and ask for tips on healthy eating, they get emails inquiring about how they took those first steps and they even have new workout buddies at their local gyms. I guess you could say they’ve become true do Ambassadors – a valuable asset to any organization.

Take a look at one of our most popular do stars and see if she inspires you. And be sure to check out our Facebook page and the do Web site for more information about how to achieve your healthy living goals.