Sports and Southern Hospitality

November 9, 2009
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Some kids want to be doctors when they grow up.  Others want to be astronauts or firefighters or ballerinas or inventors.  But me?  I spent the better part of my childhood dreaming of becoming a sports broadcaster on ESPN.  Hi, my name is Katie Grien, and in addition to being one of the newest members of the Fast Horse team, I am addicted to sports. 

I was born and raised in Atlanta during the Braves’ unprecedented run of 14 consecutive division championships (and oh-by-the-way, I still have my ticket to game 6 of the 1995 World Series), then moved up I-85 a few hundred miles to Duke University in Durham, N.C., where I majored in Public Policy and Duke Basketball.  I’m perfectly happy to spend my entire Sunday watching football on the couch, and come March Madness, I probably won’t sleep very much. In fact, I’m so much of a sports fan that I’ve already been to three Minnesota Timberwolves game – talk about devotion, and they aren’t even my team! 

Although my love of sports may be the thing that defines me most, I’d like to think I’m a little more complicated than that (girls always are).  So, in addition to bringing my competitive spirit and trash talk to 240 Ninth Ave. North, I’ll also bring baked goods, southern hospitality, shopping tips and a healthy appreciation for celebrity gossip.  Oh, and the complete series of FRIENDS on DVD.  You know the scene in the series finale where Rachel tells Ross that she got off the plane?  Makes me cry every time.  See, I told you I was about more than just sports.

Now that you know what makes me – me, don’t be a stranger.  If you drive past our building and see a girl through the window wrapped in a blanket and three coats trying desperately to keep warm, it’s probably me.  Minneapolis is a lot colder than Atlanta!