coolish thr3e – one of a kind

October 23, 2009

Last coolish find we had some fashion and design blogs, this week I am feeling like one of a kind. I know nothing seems new anymore these days since the word “new” was bastardized few years ago. But I promise I won’t disappoint you.


legokitchenParisian designers Simon Pillard and Philippe Rosetti took a bold and colorful approach to IKEA basic kitchen island, spending a week covering it with more than 20,000 pieces of  Lego to create this one of a kind centerpiece for the kitchen.

legokiThe two have recently contributed a collection of T-shirts, cushions, wallpaper and accessories for the new French label Commune de Paris, 1871.


                                                           RECYCLED TOY SCULPTURE


Robert Bradford creates his life-size and larger-than-life sculptures of humans and animals from discarded plastic items, mainly used toys but also other colorful plastic bits and pieces, such as combs and buttons, brushes and parts of clothes pegs.

robertg1Recycling is not his primary concern. Bradford says he likes the idea that the plastic pieces have a history, some unknown past, and that they also pass on a “cultural” history as each of the pieces represents a point in time. But each sculpture certainly keeps quite a few pieces from becoming landfill. Some of the sculptures contain pieces from up to 3,000 toys.



                                                           GERMAIN – PARIS


Germain is a Parisian restaurant designed by Iranian–born and Paris-based architect, India Mahdavi

verThe most striking feature of the space is a massive yellow sculpture of a woman in an overcoat and high heels. Its lower half stands on the café’s first floor while the upper body and head break through the ceiling to the upper level VIP lounge area. The sculpture is one of three that the multi-disciplinary, Paris-based artist, Xavier Veilhan, made of his friend Sophie for an exhibition at the Emmanuel Perrotin Gallery (Miami) in 2006.