October 8, 2009

I recently celebrated my ten-year college reunion, and I couldn’t help but take a look back at what was happening back in 1999. 

Ten years ago:

President Clinton is still in office (albeit, just barely).

brandi_chastain_foto_vv31764The US Women’s Soccer Team wins the World Cup, driving sports bra stock through the roof thanks to star player Brandi Chastain’s stunt after scoring the winning goal.

Y2K hype scares the bejesus out of everyone, as 1999 rolling into 2000 causes mass speculation about impending mass chaos.


Two students go on a shooting rampage in Columbine High School.

NATO bombs Yugoslavia in a 78 day offensive by NATO forces in response to Serb attacks on Croatians.

Pokemon is all the rage — cards, toys, what have you.

The South Park Movie is released — or should we say, unleashed. south park

Pamela and Tommy get divorced.

Ricky Martin, formerly of Menudo, hits North America, plus the Backstreet Boys, N*Sync, O-Town, 98 Degrees, etc. What a year for the ladies. 

George W. Bush announces he’ll be a candidate in the 2000 primaries.

The Elian Gonzales international custody battle takes place after a raft carrying Elian, his mother, stepfather and 10 others capsized off the coast of Miami.

Hurricane Floyd hit North Carolina, causing damage only second at the time to Hurricane Andrew.

The Euro (European single currency) is created by the European Union.

Thabo Mbeki elected as the second black South African President.

Tony Hawk lands the first 900 ever at the 1999 X-Games.

The Matrix (movie) hits the scene staring Keanu Reeves and Laurence Fishburne.

JFK Jr.’s plane crashes.

Legendary hockey player Wayne Gretzky retires, the New York Yankees win the World Series for the 25th time.

This is just a small flavor of events that year, but it’s fascinating to look back and remember where you were, what you experienced, or what impact these events had on your own life.

It’s also fascinating to think about where we’ll be in 10 years. We’ll celebrate the election of our first African-American President of the United States, remember the US Airways flight that landed in the Hudson River, have fond memories of the year of the Tweet and thank God that Crocs saw their day come and go.

Those of us in Minnesota will remember the excitement of Favre joining the Vikings and the Minnesota MetrodomeTwins playing one hell of a game against the Tigers, the end of an era as we said goodbye to the Metrodome, and we’ll still wonder why the heck we didn’t get a retractable roof on the new outdoor ballpark when there is a blizzard on Opening Day.

History is humbling and a great reminder that no matter where we are in life, it will always be filled with unexplainable tragedies, unpredictable trends, unexpected heroes, unbelievable feats, and unwavering human spirit. It also shows that boy bands should BE banned, not be allowed to be in one.

Where will you be, or what will you remember fondly, in 2019?