Thrifty Design

September 21, 2009

Recent grads, adults and children of all ages: Don’t you hate buying something at Target only to realize 5 of your friends have the exact same thing? Add some character to your space with some fabulous one-of-kind local, thrift, second-hand, antique and surplus store treasures.

Below are snapshots of my St. Paul apartment designed with local and thrift store finds. Feel free to share your own!


sign // $3.99 Goodwill, St. Paul

deer antlers // $5 Rummage sale, Dayton Ave., St. Paul

pop art // $1.50 per can, Father Time Antiques, Duluth, MN
tin flour container // $2 Goodwill, Duluth, MN

pop art // $1.50 per can, Father Time Antiques, Duluth

tin flour container // $2 Goodwill, Duluth


white shelf // $6.99 Goodwill, St. Paul

velvet mannequin // $1.95 Ax-man Surplus, St. Paul

ceramic gnome // $3.99 Goodwill, St. Paul

scooter girl test screen print // $40 Adam Turman, Minneapolis

turquoise chest // $9.99 Salvation Army, St. Paul

angel brass lamp // $19.99 Salvation Army, St. Paul

porcelain piggy bank // $.99 Goodwill, St. Paul


orange crates // $12.50 The Antique Mall of St. Paul, St. Paul

Schell’s can // Father Time Antiques, Duluth

lamp // $19.99 Salvation Army, St. Paul