Fantasy Football Marketing

September 23, 2009

So it’s football season again, my fantasy teams are completely demolishing opponents, I’m bragging and karma will soon punish me by injuring my best player. This happens every year. Wash, rinse and repeat. But that’s not really why I’m here. As cool and likely cooler than Drew Brees being on my fantasy football team is the interactive advertising by Nikon at airports that Sandra recently blogged about that treats those who walk by like they’re an NFL star. Her post made me start thinking of fresh interactive marketing and I was reminded of those touch-sensitive interactive ads for Travelers Insurance that I saw at another airport over the summer – you probably know the ones.

Now comes the gesture-recognizing touchscreen billboard game for Monday Night Football seen installed in New York, Boston and Chicago storefronts. The picture above is a grass billboard from last year, which was innovative, but basically you can play virtual catch with NFL quarterbacks like my guy Brees, of the New Orleans Saints, with the new advergame. Tell me you wouldn’t want to play catch with Brett Favre on your way to work outside Macy’s. It’s quite the user experience, a cool way to promote the “Is it Monday yet?” campaign and displays some pretty impressive technology – bringing new meaning to fantasy football. But this is just pretty much my way of asking you if you’ve seen any cool ads like these that engage consumers in new and interactive ways. And yes, I wouldn’t mind hearing your thoughts on the hate-it-or-love-it Nike Combat ad with Adrian Peterson or your fantasy teams either.