Welcome to the Bizness, Jessa

July 30, 2009

Editor’s note: This guest post is by Jessa Murphy, a high school student from San Diego who spent the day with us yesterday. Jessa’s grandparents live in the Twin Cities and are Friends of the Pony.

I came to Fast Horse today because I am thinking about going to school for and pursuing an advertising career in the future, and I wanted to see what it would be like to work in an agency.

I learned a lot about Fast Horse while I was here and how it relates to the marketing world today. I thought it was very interesting how they promote products through events that would be newsworthy. For example, to promote Coca-Cola’s new can design, Fast Horse planned an event called the Quarter Mile Cookout at NASCAR’s Coca-Cola 600. A quarter-mile grill was put together on the track the day before the race.

Talking to Jorg, I learned that instead of using traditional methods of advertising through commercials, Fast Horse uses this unique way to get through to consumers. I also got a chance to talk to George about his contributions to Fast Horse in planning events such as the Quarter Mile Cookout. He and Sandra gave me some good insight as to the kind of school and the kind of majors that would most likely benefit me in pursuing a career in marketing and advertising.

I also learned from them the importance of internships and how much they can teach. It was interesting to hear that on her third day of working here, Sandra was already designing the artwork for a project. Talking to Andy, I learned about the new direction Fast Horse is taking in producing videos to promote companies such as Radisson Hotels.

I worked with Jodi to do research on NASCAR websites in order to let fans know about an upcoming Coke Zero promotion. Working with Jodi taught me that Fast Horse promotes a lot of their events through Twitter. I also enjoyed talking to Allison, who planned my day and showed me around Fast Horse. Talking to everyone not only gave me a good insight into what Fast Horse does or what working at an agency would be like, but it also taught me that hard work and networking are the key to succeeding in this business. I really enjoyed spending the day here with everyone — they are a fun group of people to talk to and work with. Thank you so much to everyone!