Hello World!

July 8, 2009

Is that title a little too cliche? I apologize — my other choice was “Oh Hai!” Which would you prefer? Anyway, hello. I’ve been working here at Fast Horse for a little over two weeks now but this is my first post for the Idea Peepshow. I wish to use this opportunity to introduce mysef. I go by many names –

Some call me Shatoon, bringer of corn. Others call me Mickey Nine, the dream weaver. Some call me Photoshop. Others call me Trenu, the boiler – Some call me Marjorie Keek. Others Call me Captain M. Others call me R-R-Rubbady Pubbady. To tell you my real name, it’s Jared. Jared May, Fast Horse design intern.

I enjoy obscure references to any films, syndicated television series, song lyrics, celebrities (or cewebrities), etc. Did you know what I was referencing in my intro above? Also, I like biking, and in the winter, snowboarding. I collect concert posters and limited edition vinyl figures. I have a Bachelors of Science degree in visualization and I find most enjoyment when collaborating with a team, working with the Adobe Creative Suite, and at times writing html and css. Pretty much, I try go get excited and make things.

As a fan of the brilliant ramblings of Merlin Mann, I’ve been developing my habits to improve my work flow to getting excited about making things. I can do a lot of things (and I have made a lot of things) but I cannot say that they were all done or made well.

I will warn you that I have tried blogging before, and I cannot promise that I am any good at it. I’m not all that skilled in the way of writing for the internets and weblogs, or writing in general. I make spelling errors, I digress on tangents, and I’m known to mix tenses. But that doesn’t discourage me from trying harder, and I hope it doesn’t discourage you from reading. I have accepted that with beginning anything new, at first, I will not be completely successful. But the only way to get better is to be determined and eventually, with time and persistence, I might write something great. I will thank you now for your patience and help as I begin this journey.

I invite you to join along. Start something that you may have little experience in, or some skill you need to improve. Just stop worrying that what you do will not be perfect at first; get excited and start working!