A Furtograph Is Worth…$45 Billion

July 2, 2009
alli dogs

In an economy where many businesses are struggling to stay afloat, pet products and services have continued to take off like a hare in a turtle race. In fact, the American Pets Product Association has estimated that in 2009, Americans will spend approximately $45.4 billion on their pets — a $2.2 billion increase from what pet owners shelled out in 2008. That’s one spoiled Siamese.

A couple of my favorite new petrepreneurial businesses include Pet Airways, a first-class pet-only airline that travels between five cities (Los Angeles, New York, Washington, Chicago and Denver) with fares starting at $149 each way and features main-cabin accomodations and service from airline stewards (no joke, people). The other is D Pet Hotel (a playful takeoff on the “W” Hotels, I assume), a 24/7 boarding and spa destination for pets in the Hollywood area.

You see, I’m a pet owner (see unbelievably cute photo of my doodles Dino and Murphy who hate posing for photos above). So after reading the amenities available at the D Pet Hotel, like luxury suites with king- and queen-sized beds and flat screen TVs, a chauffeured car service, and a photo set with professional “furtographers,” I had to chuckle.

I honestly don’t think my dogs would enjoy a night at the D Pet Hotel. Granted, my dogs reside in a nondescript Twin Cities suburb so their personalities can’t compare to fufu LA Fidos, but seriously, a spa? A photographer where they have to stand still? TV? Ahhh, that would be a big N-O. If my dogs were going to spend an evening away and enjoy it, they’d want bunnies to chase (sorry PETA), raw meat to gnaw on (sorry again), a shallow but swimmable pond followed by a car ride with all the windows rolled down to lightly dry off and something stinky to roll around in at the end of the night.

Wait a second, maybe I’m onto something…