June 18, 2009

Over the past few weeks, observant Peepers no doubt have spotted the “Searchlights” screen grab we’ve placed at the top of the right-hand rail of this site.    Here’s some context.

“Searchlights” is the first episode in our “Get Creative” series of Fast Horse branded vignettes.  We’re trying to have little fun while bringing people into our proposition.  Our sweetspot is the intersection of creativity and non-traditional marketing.  We know that big ideas can trump big marketing budgets, and our clients typically turn to us to help them navigate the waters that lie beyond the 60-second TV spot and glossy print ads.

The “Searchlights” vignette was inspired by the gentleman’s club up the street.  Minds out of the gutters, dear Peepers!  I’m not talking about THAT kind of inspiration.  What did inspire us is the notion that the proprietors of this club seem to spend their entire annual advertising budget on that staple of traditional marketing — searchlights.  They have for years.  Clearly their target audience is rather moth-like.

Who are these people who are taken in by searchlights, giant inflatable gorillas, neon sandwich boards, balloon clusters, those giant figures that flap around crazily as air is forced through them, urinal advertising and dancing cowboy banner ads?

Fess up.  Is it you?