Business As Usual Makes News In This Recession

April 8, 2009

When looking for good business news in this economy, the housing market is probably not the first place you’d turn.  But we’ve had great success in the last week telling the story of longtime client Marvin Windows and Doors – the family owned and operated company headquartered  just a few miles from the Canadian border. 

marvin_rose-updated-03-35-091Thanks to some good hustle and a bit of creativity, Marvin has been showcased nationally as an example of a company refusing to lay off any of its workforce in the face of flagging industry sales.  For Marvin, it’s all about doing the right thing for its business and its tight-knit community of Warroad, Minn. – and the decisions the company made when times were good have put it in position to weather the storm now.

Coverage has included stories from CNBC, Fox Business, the Associated Press and Bloomberg News – resulting in hundreds of placements around the country portraying Marvin in a positive light.  Check out Marvin President Susan Marvin as a guest on “The Diamond District” explaining the company’s philosophy.