A Promo Worth Bending Over For

See a penny, pick it up and all day long you’ll have good luck. Especially if that penny is picked up near a CiCi’s pizza chain.

pennyLike many other chain restaurants, CiCi’s is offering free items to entice people to eat at its restaurants. But instead of the standard BOGO downloadable coupon or meal deal, Cici’s Pizza is scattering one million pennies in streets around its 650 restaurants. On the back are stickers offering free meals, free drinks, and of course some BOGO deals. Now that’s a grassroots campaign I can bend over for.

Others, like AdAge.com, disagree. In fact, the article’s headline asks whether the campaign is insulting or just stupid.  Really? Since when has being a penny pincher become stupid or insulting?  To each his own. I guess. But to me, picking up a penny is a youthful whimsy. And it’s not bad for the pocketbook either.