Now That’s Showing A Bit of Creativity

March 4, 2009

I don’t envy anyone trying to sell a house in today’s economy.  I find myself noticing “For Sale” signs during my morning commute and feeling sorry for the homeowners who have had signs up for months (and for a few, what seems to be almost a year). 

However, this morning I noticed a particularly creative individual who appeared to be giving it her all to try and help sell her house.  As I was approaching a stoplight on a busy strip of Highway 55 in Golden Valley, I saw two people standing on the corner.  The woman was holding up a sign and a gentleman beside her was wearing a reflective vest. 

At first, I thought they might be protesting something because the sign had a fair amount of copy, but as I got closer I noticed two standard Edina Realty “Open House” tripod signs – the kind you see lining the streets any given day.  But it was her professionally printed sign that impressed me.  It read “Help Stimulate the Economy; Buy My House; [followed by her address].”  I’m guessing the woman was the homeowner and the guy in the vest was her Realtor. 

I’m not sure this tactic is going to help her sell her house any faster, but I loved the fact that they were taking an unconventiaonal approach to try and grab people’s attention.  Sure, we’ve all seen characters dressed up in those “Going Out of Business Sale” sandwich boards at busy intersections, but this was the first time I saw someone using that approach for a house.  I have to give them points for their effort.