Tweeting the Grammys

February 9, 2009

“In the old days, we would have called this selling out. But it’s a good way to spend a Sunday.” – Robert Plant

I’d say. Last night’s Grammys provided some fun quotes, like the one above, and some interesting collaborations. My favorite moments included seeing M.I.A. perform on the very day she was due to give birth, the Radiohead and USC Marching Band performance, Chris Martin’s ballad with Jay-Z and checking trending Twitter topics.

Maybe I’m a nerd, but logging on to Twitter during live telecasts has become pretty fun, as you can get the national consensus on an issue instantaneously. Before Twitter and social networking, we would’ve had to wait 12 hours or so to see what the entire country thought about the indignation that was Stevie Wonder being forced to play with the Jonas Brothers.

Social media has gotten to the point where some users seem to participate more in tweeting constantly than actually enjoying the programming. I noticed this first during last season’s finale of HBO’s “Entourage,” when I noticed tweets saying, “Wait, what did Ari just say?”

Last week during the Super Bowl, it seemed like the acronym “OMG” was the most common tweet, at least during the fourth quarter. The Oscars are in a couple weeks and it will undoubtedly be the most tweeted about topic that day. I’m just hoping that I’m not forced to post the tweet, “Brad Pitt, best actor?! Seriously?”