What a difference four years make

January 21, 2009

No, I’m not making a political statement about the inauguration that occurred four years ago; I’m reflecting on the massive shift in how we share information.

Four years ago, I lived in Washington DC and attended the inauguration ceremony and parade. To find out where my other friends were meeting, we called each other on our cells or, perhaps, texted a location.

Now, I’m in Minneapolis, but I’ve undoubtedly seen and heard more updates about this year’s celebration than I did four years ago.

My Facebook account is filled with updates on the metro system, the parade route, who got the best pictures and who got the closest to the celebrities. flickr is brimming with inauguration pictures. The Twitter tag #inaug09 is used so frequently that 20 new instances have popped up in the 15 seconds since I pulled up the search page.

If you were a bystander, how did you “watch” yesterday’s inauguration? Streaming video? via Tweets? Cable news? Facebook updates?