Nostalgic Social Media

January 27, 2009

My past and my present collided today when I visited this site. The site, which invites you to “upload your ugly” and “share your ugly” is to promote the re-release of local indie hip-hop group Atmosphere’s 2002 album, “God Loves Ugly.”

The group has been a staple in the Minneapolis music scene for over a decade and the duo of Slug and Ant are still doing just fine. The Star Tribune recently named the group’s latest album the year’s best local album.

Yes, the group is probably at the height of their fame, at least on a national level, but back when I was a tweener the group provided me with a daily soundtrack. Now they are providing me with social media inspiration.

Besides the site being a fun idea in general, it is a great example of youth marketing, as the group is trying to introduce what is considered their “breakthrough” album to an audience who may have not known about it previously. They succeed on that front, but I also think that they reconnect with lifelong fans who get to express their fandom, in a way, by uploading their ugly mugs onto the site. They can also share it on Facebook, Digg it, tweet about it on Twitter with help from a tinyurl, and the list goes on.

I know I can probably be placed in the same generation as new fans of Atmosphere, given that this album came out only seven years ago. I also know that arguing that this is a huge blast from the past may be premature, but the leap from 16 to 23 seems like an eternity and I might just go re-buy the album this evening.

Is there anyone else out there who has had the wheels turned back in time to their youth thanks to social media or “modern” marketing? Seeing “The Boss” at the Super Bowl may be do that for some this Sunday, but any better examples? While you think, check out what is the result of my time spent reliving my teenage years. Yikes.

Stroll Down (ugly) Memory Lane

Stroll Down (ugly) Memory Lane