Do you ‘believe’ in Macys?

December 12, 2008

To follow up on Kobi’s post, below is my rendition of Santa as provided by Macy’s “Believe” campaign. While I don’t know that this will set the online world on fire (then again, I never saw the elf fascination), I like the multi-pronged aspect of this campaign. They include a feature (build-your-own-Santa) primed for social media, but they also have included advertising, a charity component and traditional media relations.

I’ve seen the letter-writing campaign featured on national morning news, glimpsed the banner ads on popular Web sites and read about the campaign in other print/online pubs.

So here’s the question? Is this a clever integrated campaign for the holidays? Or is it stale and a bit 2005 (a la Elf Yourself)? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Editor’s note: There seem to be some technical issues with the communication between Macy’s and Peepshow. Amanda is supposed to be wearing a white beard and a Santa hat.

Amanda’s note: If this version doesn’t work, heads are going to roll.

Amanda’s second note: Seriously? Ok, you’ve been warned about embedding issues. You’re all welcomed to try yours. Or not.