Groom Them If You Got Them

November 24, 2008

Whether it is with a Handlebar, Dali, Trucker, Fu Manchu or Lampshade, now has never been a better time to grow a moustache.

Movember, an Australian-based global charity event, promotes men’s health, specifically, generates awareness for prostate cancer. Held each year beginning the first of Movember (formerly November), Movember encourages participants to begin the month clean-shaven and then grow and groom a moustache throughout the month. Participants, or Mo-bros, then spread the word about men’s health issues and gather donations to help fight prostate cancer.


I would love to participate, but unfortunately a childhood water-skiing accident involving a terrier left me without any physical means of growing facial hair. The best I can do after a month without shaving is a very light and patchy tickler, and that is being generous.* 


Discussing cancer and promoting cancer charities is usually a solemn or fear-driven affair. However, by incorporating humor with a very user-interactive and creative campaign (check out Mo Space and the Moustache Rap), Movember is able to inspire and engage a broad audience. 

Let us know if and what you are doing to participate, if you have a moustache, or you secretly want to grow a moustache. 

 *FULL DISCLOSURE: I have moustache envy.