Internet Stalking … er, Searching

October 17, 2008

A new entrant to social networking sites is, which many are touting as a cross between Facebook and LinkedIn. The site allows you to create your own personal brand and provides simple ways to keep in contact with others. Sounds good, right?

How Allison likes it on the Internet. Source:

How Allison likes it on the Internet. Source:

But what sets this site apart from others is the one reason I’ll never join. The site sends you e-mail alerts with information on visitors to your profile, where they’re located, which search engines they used and even what keywords they typed in to get there.

Uhhh, what? You see, that’s what I like about Facebook. I can view people’s photos, see who’s single, who’s dating, what they did that weekend, where they’re working – ANONYMOUSLY.  And that’s the key word. 

With Ziggs, you can’t just check in on your ex a couple times a day to see if he is still dating that same girl he dumped you for five years ago . . . well, actually you can, but don’t be surprised if a restraining order shows up soon after.

The Internet is my safe haven, where I can catch up with old friends and not actually have to talk to them.  I know that sounds so 21st-Century of me, but it’s something I just can’t give up.