Swag Patrol: RNC, You’re No NADA

September 4, 2008

The swag at the Republican National Convention is pathetic!

What’s swag? It’s free stuff — you know, like those yardsticks and cap snafflers they give out at the State Fair. Most big gatherings like this have any number of people handing out product samples, pens and various other branded tchotchkes.

I didn’t spend my time actually hunting for swag, but I sure didn’t run across much of it. Above you see my entire haul from 2+ days at the convention. It’s mostly books and tracts from the politically passionate. In fact, I could have collected a lot more literature, but I turned down most of it — too heavy to carry.

 A few months ago, I went to the annual convention of the National Auto Dealers Association on behalf of a client. You couldn’t take two steps without someone offering you a pen, a flashlight, a deck of cards, a golf ball, a model car, a fanny pack — I had to stop taking stuff because my suitcase wouldn’t have held it.

RNC, you’re no NADA.