A Small Rant From a Voting Mom

September 26, 2008

Do these ads make anyone besides me say “UGH?”

I know, it’s an important election this year, but if it’s that important, why are the political ads more about a person’s character than his policies?  I don’t vote on character; I don’t think people should.   But it seems like that’s all the candidates want you to know about.

In Minnesota, two of the senatorial candidates are acting like children (and I should know, I have a baby). During one commercial break, I see an ad about Norm Coleman’s thoughts on Al Franken. The next ad is a response by Franken on Coleman. It makes me want to sit them both in a room together until they can find something nice to say about one another.

And it also makes me want to not vote for either one of them, mainly because they concentrate so much on each other that they aren’t telling me enough about themselves.

So: Norm, Al, here’s your chance. Tell us why we should vote for you, NOT why we shouldn’t vote for the other guy.