Don’t Hit Me

September 8, 2008

Dear Motorists,

It has come to my attention that we’ve had a breakdown in communication. I had been heavily dropping hints for a while now (purposely leaving my diary out, making passive-aggressive remarks at dinner parties, etc.), but I don’t think the message has gotten through to you. I would like you to know that while I’m riding my bike I don’t enjoy getting hit by cars or trucks*. In fact, I hate it.

I blush while writing this because I have to ask myself: Where did we go wrong? We used to pay attention to one another but at the same time, respect each other’s space. I’ve been hit twice this summer – once at a stop sign by an SUV and then most recently by a truck while riding in a bike lane through downtown Minneapolis. Did I do something wrong? Can you quit hitting me?

Let’s look at the numbers. To date, the Taylor Baldry fatality rate is holding steady at 0%. This is close to the national average. To reduce the chance of hitting me while I’m riding my bike, please be aware that I’m riding my bike and that you could potentially hit me. If necessary, give yourself a quick check-in: Are you currently operating a motorized vehicle? If so, you could potentially hit me.

I feel like you don’t even know that I exist anymore. I’m that tall guy with the big nose on the black/silver bike with the painted peach crate on the back. Hi. I have friends and family – most of whom I love very dearly, as well as a little ficus plant which I would like to live long enough to see mature into a mid-sized ficus plant. Please don’t hit me.

This issue is important to me. To raise awareness, print out the START SEEING TAYLOR BALDRY bumper sticker and adhere it to your vehicle or a stranger’s vehicle.

I’m not mad at you – I still like you, seriously. I’m just tired of getting hit by cars and trucks*.



*Especially trucks.