Our Glamorous, Gritty Neighborhood

July 28, 2008

An event took place last summer that immediately entered Fast Horse lore. Someone glanced out the window one afternoon and said, “Hey, there’s some woman in a bikini and chains across the street.” It turned out that she was also wearing fur boots as she draped herself provocatively across a loading dock.

As we looked on, puzzled, we finally realized that it was a fashion photo shoot. Seems that our industrial North Loop neighborhood provides a fine example of the subtle combination of grit and glamor the artists are looking for. As the summer went on, we sometimes noticed chiseled, shirtless young men in existential poses on top of a building down the block. There’s also a modeling agency in that building, which helps explain things. They even used the corrugated metal siding of Fast Horse World Corporate HQ as a backdrop on a couple of occasions.

The other day we had the first model sighting this summer. The participants were intent on their work and slightly cool to my approach, so I didn’t quiz them about their choice of locale or even get their names. But they said I could take photos.