July 9, 2008

Today on Idea Peepshow we’re introducing a new feature that we* like to call BattleFight. BattleFight is a fictitious battle debate inspired by childhood “who would win in a fight” discussions as well as visual content such as this, this, and this. BattleFight combines the curious with the youthful mindset in a way that will help replenish your creative juices, give you a different perspective on current trends/technologies and help you get in touch with your inner child/inner dork.

In BattleFight, I match up a new marketing trend / company / technology/ visionary (think: Twitter, Google’s zany corporate headquarters, Steve Ballmer’s motivational speeches) with an epic childhood reference (think: Obi-wan Kenobi, the American Army [from the War of 1812], Wolverine, the Alien Queen). Then you, the readers, debate the proposed battle by commenting on the post.

I’ll provide the opponents’ stats, special rules and conditions, and the location of the BattleFight. You provide the scholarly discussion. Your comments will help our resident Fictitious Battle Analysis Expert(s)* to select a winner, which will then be revealed with the next proposed BattleFight. If no one comments on the BattleFights, I am going to scream.

Please keep the debates clean – no personal attacks against an anonymous commenter. Cite your work. Bonus points for creative rhetoric and use of vocab words. Unless otherwise noted, all decisions made by our Fictitious Battle Analysis Experts are final. Please write to us if you have any fictitious battle match-ups that you’d like to see featured on BattleFight.

Good luck and have fun. Your first BattleFight begins below.

*Just me

Superman/Jedi image credit: