Carlson Connects with Business Travelers

June 18, 2008
Carlson Hotels Worldwide recently announced its upcoming brand-building campaign in the latest issue of PRWeek. Recognizing that two of their hotel brands Radisson Hotels and Resorts® and Country Inns & Suites by Carlsonsm needed a brand boost, Carlson launched an intensive campaign highlighting their added services for business travelers, which include free Internet and breakfast and flexible check-in.

How does Fast Horse enter the equation? We’re working with their online outreach, focusing on business travel bloggers. Through this outreach, we’ve met great bloggers, such as Juliana at and Gil at, and helped Carlson connect with the business traveler community.

To repeat a now-oft-repeated adage, the key to Web 2.0 is TWO-way communication. However, it’s often tough for corporations to embrace this model as they’ve had control of their brand, products and initiatives since their inceptions. Bucking that tradition, Carlson listened to their customers (who said “give us more perks!”) and responded with a business traveler package.

In the months ahead, our task will be to keep our ears to the ground as business travelers grapple with increased fuel costs, decreased travel budgets and tightened personal budgets. Tough travel times without a doubt, but we’re excited to partner with a company who values the importance of two-way communication with their consumer.