Wit & Delight Q&A

February 22, 2019
On the art of curating a beloved lifestyle brand

How do you decide your balance of sponsored vs. paid content?

We definitely try to space out sponsored vs. unpaid content. We never want to do more than one or two sponsored posts a week. Sponsored posts, by nature, tend not to perform as well. The key to sponsored content is authenticity, writing about a brand you believe is genuinely awesome, or talking about a brand that is helping people in some way.

When you get inquiries from brands for a collaboration, how do you decide when to say yes?

We always ask three questions:

  • Is this on-brand?
  • Does this fit our demographic?
  • Is this of interest to us personally?

What are the biggest challenges you face?

There are so many different projects and varying aspects to the business that we could explore that sometimes it can be difficult to prioritize our to-do lists. There’s always so much going on, in a good way.

How do you see Wit & Delight evolving?

Last year we launched our own product line, which is called Shop Wit & Delight, and that’s been a lot of fun. We always have new ideas we’re exploring.

Do you prefer long vs short copy on blog posts?

The shorter pieces on blogs tend to do better. I’ve learned, that more precise copy is widely more digestible. People don’t have a long attention span to sit and read lengthy stories anymore like they used to. At W&D, we try to keep a good balance between long and short form stories. Like when we do in-depth interviews we put a lot of time into them and we hope people take the time to read them.

How do you keep up with social media and all the most recent features?

We have a good team who works on social and we are constantly thinking of fun and new creative features on our social platforms through Instagram video, quirky blog recaps, and interesting little campaigns we can run. It’s hard to keep up with every form of social media but it’s a great and free way to amplify content so we always do our best to stay on top of the latest tools.


How closely do you pay attention to content that gets liked on social?

Our content likes and comments are our bible. They are very important. If a story tanks it’s definitely disappointing. We review our content every day, take notes and try to figure out what made it do well or not so well. Was it the graphics? Was it the story itself? Was it the caption or copy? We always want to be listening to our audience and learning from them.

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