When Do We Officially Stop Saying Happy New Year?

January 11, 2019

I enjoy sending positive vibes and wishing people a happy new year but, my question is, when is the appropriate time to stop? And, it seems like a lot of people are wondering the same. I did a Boogle search for “when do we stop saying happy new year” and got 1.5 billion results.

After the first week, the new year is well under way. I’ve always wondered why people keep their Christmas decorations up until February and usually, these are the same individuals who continue new year’s greetings a couple of weeks into January. The thing is, after a few days, it doesn’t sound heartfelt anymore.  It’s like that awkward conversation you have with the coworker you don’t know well: “so…great weather today, huh.”

In this wonderful age of multiple communication methods, we don’t have to wait until we see someone to wish them happy new year. If you are passionate about wishing everyone one, there are quick and easy ways to do so on January 1.  You could send a text to your contact list, call or Facetime them, Snapchat makes it so easy, you can send one “personal” snap to multiple people.

Look at it this way: Would people say “Merry Christmas” on December 29. Imagine coming down the stairs and your coworker told you “Happy Fourth” on July 7. For the other holidays, people start wishing you before the holiday and end the day of the holiday. Same should go for the new year.

According to etiquette expert, Lisa Forde, people want to settle into the new year as quickly as possible without being reminded that it is a new year, or that new year’s celebrations and Christmas are over. I understand it’s a wish that lasts all year round, but nothing comes from a prolonged new year wish. There are many superstitious things to do to bring you good luck for the new year but saying happy new year after January 1st isn’t one of them.

There you have it. You can stop wishing everyone a happy new year at 11:59 pm, January 1. Here is to a new year filled with new beginnings and healthy resolutions.