Making Sense Of Social Media

January 9, 2019

We live in a world where marketers have a million different ways to be able to influence and reach their target audience. When thinking about social media specifically, there’s obviously Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and others. And within each of those platforms lie so many different advertising and boosting options. How do we make sense of it all and make sure we’re using the tools we have access to in smart, strategic ways?

The Value of a Plan
I always believe there should be an element of being nimble on social so you’re able to react in real time on behalf of your client or create content to insert your brand into a conversation that’s trending. But I’ll also be the first (and second, and third) person to tell you that there should always be a plan for your social activity. I’m not talking just monthly content calendars, which in of themselves are very important, but also an overarching strategy (including paid), quarterly outlines, community management guidelines, etc. This helps us to work towards annual KPIs in always-on content, while also being able to plan for larger initiatives that are coming down the road.

Content Quality Vs. Quantity
Sometimes, especially when it comes to social content, quantity isn’t always better than quality. Social media is already so, so very saturated with everyone’s and every brand’s content already that posting more content isn’t always the right idea. If your brand has a paid social budget (which in 2019, I really hope they do) consider creating less content and putting paid behind each post. Or, consider repurposing content in new ways on social. Was there a post that killed engagement rates organically? Use that as an ad, boost it to your target audience, and get more eyes on that sh*t! Which brings me to my next point.

All The Various Paid Opportunities On Social Media
This one seems to be super surprising to a lot of people outside of the industry, so I wanted to take a little dip into the paid social pool. On Facebook alone, there are several options to customize your paid social spend in order to reach the objectives set by you and your client or brand. They offer ad types for pretty much every objective you could think of and offer placements to Instagram and their audience network. While I may get annoyed with some of the updates our friend Mark rolls out, I have to say, he does offer a wide range of tools for marketers.