Goodnight Gorillas: In The Studio

January 14, 2019

New year, new album. That’s the motto of my band, Goodnight’s Gorillas, as we begin recording our next full-length project. Last year was a year of writing, goofing off and experimenting at shows. Now that we have roughly 15 songs in the canon to choose from, it’s time to get serious and commit.

While recording in a studio is insanely fun and productive, the time restraints can become stressful and costly. Because three of us in the band already live together, we decided to turn our basement into a DIY studio. We haven’t recorded ourselves since high school, so the process is liberating and terrifying. So far, it’s sounding sick.

Our next show is February 9th at Icehouse with Stone Arch Isles (Phil’s band). Hope to see ya there!

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