Oops I’m A Drummer

December 11, 2018

Sure. I’ve done a lot of cool stuff as an intern at Fast Horse. But nothing compares to Dec. 6. That’s right. The night of The Battle. After months of planning with our experiential team, writing with creative and strategizing with social media, I had one of the strangest nights of my life. Why?

I got to perform on Prince’s legendary stage: First Avenue.

Now, for those that know me, I sing and play guitar in an alternative rock band Goodnight Gorillas. I’ve been playing venues around the Twin Cities for the past six years, ranging from house parties to the Triple Rock (RIP).

The first year performing in front of people was nerve wracking. Before shows I would pace around, going through the whole setlist in my head, peeing 40 times in three hours. It was terrifying. But after a while you become more comfortable. It’s not that the nerves ever completely go away; they just become less extreme.

But the night of The Battle was different. I was on drums.

When word came out that Fast Horse would be playing at The Battle, we realized we needed a drummer. In a room full of guitarists and vocalists, I raised my hand.

I’d never played drums for an audience before. In fact, I’d never even taken lessons. But something about performing on a new instrument was exciting, a challenge.

The night of The Battle, I started to feel those nerves that I used to get when I played guitar for the first time in front of people. Playing a new instrument is nerve-wracking, especially with a group for the first time. Especially at First Avenue. Especially in front of all my coworkers. It was a lot of pressure. But by the first drum fill into the groove, I was ecstatic.

The power you feel on the drum kit is incomparable. Everything sounds massive. You also get to watch your band members jam out on stage. After years of being a front man, it was awesome to gain that perspective.

Hell, maybe next year I’ll play keys.