November 27, 2018

Having just graduated from college six months ago, I haven’t been on both sides of the recruiting world, but I have been hired and I have come to learn about a few things I didn’t know before I graduated college. Following these guidelines while searching for a new job might help you stand out from the crowd of applicants.

The “What Do You Want?” Question

Do an assessment of your values. What job would you do and still be happy without getting paid? At this point you need a mission statement. You need to know your goals, what your dreams are and what you are passionate about. People say “I’m not exactly sure,” which is perfectly fine. At this point, you need to be articulate and realize what it is you want. It doesn’t necessarily mean picking a career path; it means being open to exploring options that will make you happy.

“I Don’t Have Enough Experience”

It is common to get deterred by the thought of having lack of experience in a field that you want to pursue. You don’t necessarily need vast experience because every experience counts. Post-graduation is the best time too explore different options.

The Golden Resume

Here are a few key words to include in your resume to help you stand out: Solved, Promoted Initiated, Trained, Built, Lead, Managed, Improved, Adapted, Organized, Persuaded, Innovative, Planned, Positivity, Introduced.

The Idea Of “Wanting the Perfect Job” After Graduation

It is unlikely that you will get your dream job after graduation. It could happen but don’t worry if you don’t. The fact is that there will always be pros and cons to every job but, finding one that gives you the perfect balance would be ideal.

Social Media

In this era of advance technology and social media being the hub of the internet, it’s essential to build a personal brand. Although I am aware that certain classes examine the subject of personal branding on social media, most students go through their undergrad without learning how to market themselves. Your personal brand is everything that shapes how people view you. It includes the Google search results attached to you name, all of your social media accounts, and your resume. These are  key components to getting a good job.


Network, network, network. You get a lot of benefits from networking. In college, your primary goal is to get a degree; networking is a lesser priority. But networking is a great way to connect with professionals and create opportunities for yourself after college. It can be as simple as a referral letter or a connection that was made during a career fair that could help you get your foot in the door.