Like Brothers And Sisters

November 2, 2018

Last month, my dad died. Pretty shitty. He was only 57, and it certainly wasn’t one of those things anyone saw coming any time soon.

That day, I had been in the office for about 15 minutes, making a quick pit stop after a great morning meeting, on my way out the door to what would have been another great meeting with a different client. Instead, I got the call, told one of my closest friends in the office what happened, and dragged my stunned, sorry ass out to the car for a tear-filled drive home.

And didn’t look back. Didn’t have to.

After I got through the initial shock, I sent precisely two emails to a couple of colleagues to try to make sure a couple of loose ends were squared away. But I didn’t need to. They were already on top of it and politely told me to go away. So many people rallied to reschedule and attend meetings in my place, keep projects on track, finalize statements of work. (Never before had seeing a signed SOW made me cry.)

The people who stepped in for me — it’s probably more than I even know — made such a huge difference for me, and I have such love for them all. The whole gang at Fast Horse — clients, too! — was so supportive. Which is, of course, exactly what I needed. I needed to plan a funeral. Support my family. Write an obituary. Stare at the ceiling and cry. Remember the good times. Put one foot in front of the other.

It took a while before I started to feel anything like normal, and even that comes and goes. I can’t imagine what a shit show it would have been without the support of everyone around me, at work and otherwise. When people ask me what I like about Fast Horse, I often talk about how the people I work with are like family. Brothers and sisters. I’ve always meant it, but I never really recognized just how damn true it was.