I’m Not Like A Regular Millennial, I’m A Cool Millennial

November 9, 2018

In our office, we have open seating, which often leads to lots of conversation between anyone or everyone on that particular floor. I should mention that a majority of the Fast Horse Ponies are under the age of 30, which may lead you to believe our conversations push the limits of what’s typically heard in the workplace. But, one afternoon, while chatting about pushing the boundaries with holiday decorations (how soon is too soon), our colds and cold medicine, and how much we like water, I was reminded that we, Fast Horse millennials, are actually pretty normal.

Don’t get me wrong, we also spend tons of time talking about Instagram, influencers, and a recent activation, but that’s our job to talk about those things and stay updated on the latest trends. And we do it because we’re passionate about making a difference for our clients through these various tactics.

Our office conversations reminded me that there are several millennial stereotypes. And while I’m speaking for myself and those that I spend a majority of my time with, I don’t feel that many of the stereotypes about millennials are true.

Let’s bust some millennial myths, shall we?

Millennials are tech-obsessed and can’t live a life offline

I know as a social media strategist, I make this one seem 100 percent true. But I also get excited when I have the opportunity to spend a full day off my phone and computer. And, it’s been proven that millennials value and seek offline experiences. Honestly, when I’m at my grandparent’s house my grandma spends more time on her iPad than I spend on my phone. Who’s the tech-obsessed one now??

Millennials want a party and ribbon just for showing up

This is  one of my least favorite myths. The idea of getting a participation ribbon, to me, is the worst. I want to work for what I earn, and honestly, I feel a little guilty if I’m working on a project and am not bringing something to the table. That makes me feel lazy, and I’m not into lazy.

Millennials are financially Illiterate

Sometimes numbers are hard, but sometimes you meet someone who’s had a 401k since the age of 23. Maybe millennials treat ourselves more often than other generations, but we’re also saving and paying off student loans. When it comes to social, managing the allotted paid social budget is a constant, and optimizing or shifting those budgets to ensure the best result is a daily occurrence.

BONUS MYTH: Millennials love avocados

We found a myth that’s actually fact! Healthy fats? Sign us up. But also, this is an everyone fact, not just a millennial fact.

Sure, I do have my millennial moments, like yelling, “YOU’RE DOING AMAZING SWEETIE” to my friends when they do pretty much anything. And I understand completely when a coworker compares ghost writing to a beer pong celebrity shout out. But I don’t consider myself the millennial that the stereotypes portray. I like to have the news on while I get ready for my day. I like to go to bed early. And I like to actually try hard to produce good work for our clients.