There’s No Good Reason Not To Use Facebook Events

September 20, 2018

If your brand or business is hosting an event in 2018, and you want people to come, odds are you’re going to post about it on social media. And if you’re posting about it on social media, you’re probably using Facebook. With me so far? I’m here to make the case for always using Facebook Events, even (and especially) if you want to use Eventbrite for selling and tracking tickets. Here’s why.

Native Content Is King

Every social media platform wants to be a one-stop-shop – videos, news, recommendations, polls, fundraisers – the list goes on. So it makes sense that Facebook reserves the best user experience for native posts (and prioritizes them accordingly) because they don’t want you to leave. Who wants to click off to YouTube when you can watch something mid-scroll? Same goes for events. It’s always better to go native instead of simply sharing a link. With Eventbrite’s Facebook integration, people can complete the purchase process without leaving the friendly confines of their news feeds. Win-win.

Discovery Is Key

Did you know Facebook has a default notification setting for events? If you thought that was only to get reminders about events that you’ve signed up for or expressed interest in, you wouldn’t be alone, but it’s actually for recommended events. As in, events near you, or events that other people are attending, or just events that other people are interested in attending. And after all of Facebook’s talk about “meaningful interactions” and ongoing efforts to prioritize friends and family, it makes sense. These discovery features will only help people find your event. Plus, there’s always the good old share button, an “active” interaction that we know is a priority for Facebook’s algorithm.

Ads Are Designed To Convert

Another reason to make Facebook Events part of your strategy is built-in access to paid media. Sure, you could find other ways to advertise, but more often than not it will be cheaper, easier and more engaging to do the whole native content thing. With a campaign type specifically designed to drive event responses, your promotion dollars are going directly to conversions. But that’s just the beginning. Pages can retarget anyone who “showed interest” in an event, with or without actually grabbing a ticket. This is obviously helpful for future events, but also for building lookalikes and using ongoing content to reach people who have engaged with your brand. Moving down that sales funnel, y’all.

So that’s it. The long and short of it is there’s no good reason not to use Facebook Events. Unless of course you’re not on Facebook, in which case we’ve got bigger fish to fry. No offense.