Turning To Twitter For Media Insight

September 19, 2018

One of my favorite things about Fast Horse is our biweekly Spark Sessions, where we hear from colleagues and industry experts about their professional journeys. We hear words of wisdom and memorable career highlights and it’s always enriching. In a shocking turn of events, I was asked to give a Spark Session last week about working with media and being a freelance writer, which is something I’m so grateful that Fast Horse is supportive of.

One thing I talked about during my session is Twitter. I love to follow journalists, freelancers, and media outlets to learn about what they’re working on and how I can help, either from a PR or freelance perspective. It’s often on Twitter that I’ll hear about a story someone is working on or a need they have for extra support, and it’s also been a great resource for learning about editors who might be great to work with in the future.

I figured I’d share my favorite people to follow on Twitter, in case it’s helpful for anyone else working with media.

  • Sonia Weiser | @weischoice
    • Sonia produces a newsletter of freelance writing opportunities but also retweets the ones she sees.
  • Tim Herrera | @TimHerrera
    • He’s the Smart Living Editor for The New York Times and will often share on his channels when he’s looking for specific pitches.
  • Andrew Kaczynski | @kfile
    • Andrew is a reporter at CNN’s KFile and is one of my favorites to follow when there’s major breaking news because he breaks it down in an easy-to-understand format.
  • Amanda Mull | @amandamull
    • She’s a full-time editor but also contributes to additional outlets and is great about sharing advice for new writers. Plus, she’s super funny.
  • Emily Nussbaum | @emilynussbaum
    • Emily is a TV critic for The New Yorker and talks about television (fun!), obviously, in addition to tips for female writers.

My handle is @allisonpduncan in case you want to check out who I’m following there!