September 11, 2018

It seems like there’s a new word every day, doesn’t it? Recently, Merriam-Webster added more words to the dictionary, this time including one I can definitely relate to: hangry.

I’ve dealt with my fair share of being hangry, often when I’m working against the clock to meet a deadline or get a project out the door before my next meeting. When life and work get stressful, all I can think about is food. I admit it, I’m a stress eater. I get hangry. Who doesn’t?

In order for me to turn impromptu stress eating and hanger pains into something healthier, and to save cash, I’ve turned to meal prepping each Sunday. Sundays are my suburbanite days, where I spend a portion of my day driving to Eagan’s Hy-Vee to grab all the ingredients for my weekly meals. I’ve also found that prepping my meals each Sunday helps me stay motivated throughout the week and allows me to worry about one less thing.

So, in the hopes to ward off a few hangry people, I’m sharing my three favorite cookbooks.

True Roots

Okay, this is a judgement-free zone. I’ll admit that I was inspired to buy this because of my love for Very Cavalleri on E! But this cookbook also has good staple recipes that are super easy, and v good.

Simply Keto

Take this as my confession: I went through a keto phase. While I missed carbs, this cookbook has some delish recipes that work well for meals keto or not.

Inspiralize Everything

If you don’t already have a spiralizer, I suggest getting one. However, these recipes are still good without one, and have helped me get a larger range of vegetables into my diet.

Here’s to eating and getting through the week sans hanger pains.