Short Sleeves And Summer Breeze

August 29, 2018

Greetings, readers. It has been a while since my last visit to the Peepshow, and I’ve taken full advantage of my first summer as a Pony. I’ve biked to many breweries, eaten a lot of ice cream, and become a full-time Integrated Associate here at Fast Horse. Here’s a look at the top lessons I’ve learned along the way and how they fit into our work in the stable.

Move Around 

At certain points this summer, the heat made lethargy look pretty attractive, but I think the secret to feeling good is to just do things. Whether it’s hopping on my bike, heading to Alchemy for some yoga or just taking a walk, I always feel better after doing something.

At Fast Horse, we share that proactive mindset. On my first day as an associate, I approached Michael Santee, our director of media, to discuss our shared enthusiasm for grey jeans, Chicago food spots, and the mathematical side of advertising. Since then, I’ve learned an entirely new discipline within our business.

Create Things That Give You The Fizz

It doesn’t matter if it’s a low-key acoustic single, a plate of crispy chicken wings, or a witty new business pitch, you will work better when you’re working on things that give you a fizzy feeling of excitement. That’s why we all contribute creatively at Fast Horse. A good brainstorm can make the rest of the day feel like a breeze.

Cultivate The Environment You Want

I recently redid my living space, and haven’t stopped talking about it since. You wouldn’t believe what brighter bedding, a painting from Savers and a fiddle leaf fig can do for your happiness and productivity. Although I can’t fill Fast Horse with patterned rugs and incense, I know I contribute to the vibe of the building. Doing what we can to make our coworkers have a better day makes Fast Horse better for everyone– clients included.

Things like Allison Checco offering up tomatoes from her garden, Dave Fransen regaling us with his latest food-related hang-up or even my obnoxious laughter echoing through the halls, fuels creativity by making Fast Horse a place we want to be.

I Can Pull Off Short-Sleeved Button Downs

This one is mostly personal, but I’ve soaked up more than marketing expertise from Jake Anderson. I mean seriously, the guy has great style.

Do the Things You Think You Can’t

I have not gone on a serious hike since 2012, so when I found out my “chill” trip to Colorado was going to start by hiking up over 14,000 feet less than 12 hours after leaving sea-level Minnesota,  I was a little nervous. And did I mention that I’m afraid of heights? But together, my friends and I conquered our mountain with enough time to hit up a few breweries after.

Transitioning to full-time employment at Fast Horse was a similarly daunting task — there’s very little rest, and each project forces you to climb a little higher. But just like my mountain, I won’t reach any summits alone. Our agency only works when we rely on each other for guidance, encouragement and inspiration (shout out to Clare and Maddy for being awesome co-interns and now co-associates). It might be a little scary, but Fast Horse’s constant state of evolution allows us to work beyond even our own expectation. Where else could you start a career that way?