How To Manage A Passion Project

August 31, 2018

Having recently launched my web series Coping Lessons with my business partner Liz Welle, I’m confronted with having what feels like two full-time jobs. It takes a lot of planning to fit everything into our days. And while I’m definitely still figuring some things out here are three things I’ve learned about making time for a passion project.

Time Management

Being a project manager by trade, time management is obviously a huge priority for myself. I look at the time before work and after work as bookends to my day M-F.

Mornings are my me time, I wake up at 5:45 and meditate, listen to music, take my time making coffee – do things at my pace while I can. I make my bed, do the dishes – so that when I get home I can either work on my passion projects, hang with my friends or Netflix in peace. That way I know every day I will at least have a few hours to recharge.

Make Goals/Calendars/Plans

Set yourself up for success and set yourself up for happiness. Obviously, the goal is to concur the world. But by the end of the week I know I can have our “About Us” copy for the website completed. Every month look at what you know you want done and from there every Friday look at the week ahead and map out a few tasks that are going to help you get to your goal without killing you.

Remember It’s Your Passion

It’s hard for me to turn something I look to as a hobby into a project because project means work and work can be hard. That’s why it was important for Liz and me to have the message of our web series to have strong ties to self-care. Cooking for us is therapy – it’s something we do to unwind, show love and take care of ourselves. I want those who watch to pick up on that vibe and look at cooking as something fun and not a spooky chore.

These are the top three items I focus on when I am feeling overwhelmed with my work/life balance. That and cooking.