The Third Time’s The Charm

July 26, 2018

Since I’ve officially been part of the team for a whopping three weeks, I figured it was time to formally introduce myself. I’m Allie #3 here at Fast Horse, which means I’ll still grudgingly respond to my full name Allison … but only if absolutely necessary. And even though I’ve been here for three weeks, I’ve only been in Minneapolis for about four after relocating from Chicago. So far, it’s been #MNnice.

But instead of outlining my bio, I’ll share a few fast facts and if you have any questions, feel free to ask for Allie – you’re bound to get someone!

  • Hometown: Chicago.
  • Role at Fast Horse: Senior media relations strategist.
  • Neighborhood: Northeast, but I was wrongly calling it St. Anthony Main up until a few days ago (surprise!).
  • Favorites:
    • Holiday: Christmas – you could say I’m obsessed.
    • Movie: Miracle on 34th Street (obviously).
    • Travel Destination: Lake Tahoe
    • Color: Pink
    • Food: French fries
    • Season: Fall, but I’m actually looking forward to the snow in Minnesota. We always just missed it in Chicago!
    • Magazine: InStyle
  • Birthday: December 23. Mark your calendars!
  • Worst Habit: So maybe not my worst, but I use way too many exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!
  • Skill That Will Keep Me Alive When Society Collapses: I was asked this during my first week in a sort of initiation and had to be honest: I’d die first, for sure.
  • What’s Next: I’m super excited for my first visit to the Minnesota State Fair in August and to maybe adopt a puppy in October!

Thank you for the warm welcome, Fast Horse!