The Fine Art Of Hot-Desking From Houston

July 19, 2018

Two weeks ago my husband and I packed our belongings and drove across the country, from the very north (Minneapolis) to the utmost south (Houston). Now, I’m a lucky gal and I was able to keep my current position at Fast Horse, which means I’ll be working from home (WFH) for a year, until we move back up to the Bold North.

Here at Fast Horse we have the option to hot-desk (work from anywhere that inspires you) and WFH, and we have a ton of tools at our disposal to make our absences feel seamless to the rest of the team (laptops, Slack, videoconferencing). That being said, in the mere two weeks that I have been living this new WFH life, I have learned a few things about staying productive and connected, which I thought I would share.

Set a Routine

You can fall in a rut and feel uninspired sitting by yourself at home. Establish a routine like you would if you were going to the office. Wake up early, get in a workout, take a shower, grab breakfast and get your butt to work. And make sure that you know how to separate work from home life. When you finish working, close your computer and call it a day.

Create A Working Space

Set yourself up with a nice desk, a comfy chair, some good lighting and a scented candle. This will help you focus way more than you would if you were working from your couch.

Treat Your Work Time The Same As You Would In The Office

Treat the time you are working as just that. Don’t distract yourself with house chores, cooking, or anything else. Focus on the work at hand.

Get Out Of The House

Go work at a coffee shop or a co-working space. Try to include in your routine a couple of outings a week, to change up your working environment and get some fresh air. You don’t want to feel like you’ve been cooped up in your house for a whole week.

Stay In Contact With Your Colleagues

Check in with your team every day or so, even if just to say hello, to make sure they know you are up to date on your work and you’re available to them if they need your help.

Videoconferencing Over Phone Conferencing

It’s always better to see your colleague’s faces — it will make it easier to have brainstorms or work conversations — plus it’s easier to focus if you are looking into the meeting instead of speaking on the phone.

There you go my friends. Have a productive WFH!