Choosing To Live Minimally and Intentionally

July 3, 2018

A few years ago, as I was coming to the end of my 20s, I reinvented my life. I wanted to streamline things. Have more adventure. Have less stuff. My first step was getting rid of my suburban house and all the junk that was in it. Then I moved downtown, which is closer to work. I got rid of my car and downsized my life into four plastic bins. I moved into a 500 square foot one-bedroom apartment.

Getting rid of the house was the best decision I ever made. A lot of unnecessary anxiety and stress was coming from being a home owner. I don’t miss it.

City apartment living has been a better fit. Work is within walking distance, which I love. No more driving, no more getting stuck in traffic. When I come home I don’t have a house full of projects waiting for me. I have more time to enjoy the things I love, such as going on trips, outdoor climbing and taking classes like tai chi and kung fu. I like living with intention. So I went further.

A year later, I downsized to an even smaller apartment. I got rid of clothes and reduced my everyday objects to the absolutely minimum. I did this with people, too. I am more selective about who I spend time with. It’s all in pursuit of a lifestyle that provides me with the freedom to experience world with less weight.

Living minimally has also impacted the way I travel. I have little patience for people who won’t commit to plans. So I’ve gotten rid of the idea that I need to travel with people. Now I just go solo. A few years ago, I packed a small bag and took my first solo trip to Cuba. I experienced so much kindness from people who have so little and realized my minimal way of living is their luxury living. I sat on the famous Malecón in Havana and pondered the meaning of living minimally and intentionally.