Random Moments From My Life

June 7, 2018

A note to Franny: don’t scroll down to the pictures.

I grew up in Lawrence, Kansas. Now, I know what you’re thinking. No, I did not grow up on a farm. Nor did I constantly gnaw on wheat stems (only occasionally). And yes, I do know that I am not in Kansas anymore. (Rule number one when talking to Kansas natives: resist Wizard of Oz jokes.) But as much as I like to distance myself from the image of the stereotypical Kansan, I did participate in an esteemed state childhood competition: seeing how long you can hold onto an electric fence without letting go.

I had a pretty normal childhood: three sisters, a couple of dogs at my dad’s, some cats at my mom’s, one whom I brilliantly named Cup-Cup. (Let me know if you ever need copywriting help). At one point I even had a pet ferret named Penelope. (Yes, I came up with her name too.) I could occasionally be spotted in the neighborhood walking her with a bright pink leash. My love for her was boundless, but I gave her away within a year. Come on, she was a ferret.

Let’s speed this up. I bought and fixed up a small sailboat on my own. I had an afro for a while. I went to Drake, where I got into cooking and met my wife. Fun fact: the first time I met her father my coffee went down the wrong pipe and I sprayed it all over his suit before he was due in trial. Nailed it.

As an adult I’ve traveled around the world. There’s nothing quite like it. It’s this weird blend of a revelation of the insignificance of your existence, an appreciation for the stunning diversity of humanity, and an element of déjà vu because of the universal commonalities. I’ll share a couple of pictures from my exploits. Mostly because I’m getting tired of writing.

This was our neighbor during the festival of Eid in Morocco:

Franny – I warned you.

You get to eat a lot of tasty food while traveling:

Bon appetite!

Maybe this one is more relatable. (I’m normal!)

If you travel with your significant other you can do fun things like volunteer them for ladyboy cabarets without their knowledge (THANKS BABE!):

Next up:

And now that I’ve rambled for long enough, I’m going to go home.