Muse It Or Lose It

June 28, 2018

Working at Fast Horse has brought me many personal growth and learning opportunities. This month I was able to inspire my creative side by commissioning a painting from one of my favorite local artists, Ashley Mary. I was able to make this happen because of the Muse It Or Lose It (MIOLI) stipend that Fast Horse offers its employees. The purpose of MIOLI is to promote and encourage creative exploration, and to find ways to make our lives outside of work better.

Last month I met with Ashley in her art studio in NE Minneapolis, which I would love to live in, to walk through a vision for the piece, which involved going through Ashley’s work and determining my favorite aspects. We discussed color, shape, line. I mentioned my love for all of the color in her work, especially the pops of yellow and blue, the black and white accents, and the calming “arches” (her term for the U shapes you see in much of her work). She considered all of this when creating my painting.

Because of the MIOLI stipend, I was able to experience the process behind creating a custom piece with Ashley, someone I’ve looked up to and admired for many years. I learned about Ashley’s process, how she evolved as an artist, where she wants to be, all of which has helped me distinguish what I want in my creative journey. I also learned more about abstract art, a form I didn’t know much about.

It was a tremendous learning opportunity, which I wouldn’t have had if it weren’t for the MIOLI stipend. This was a rewarding and valuable experience that I will remember each time I look at my new painting on my bedroom wall.