Get Out (Of The Office)

June 27, 2018

‘Tis the season to get out of the office. Summer is here and brands are taking the opportunity to extend their name into the real world. While in New York for a client activation, I noticed that not only are brands sampling product, they’re taking the opportunity to promote their values.

One activation I noticed after stepping off the plane was done by L.L. Bean. Through research, the brand found that when people spend time outside, they’re more productive, creative and happy. L.L. Bean took that information and created the world’s first outdoor coworking space as part of its Be an Outsider campaign in Madison Square Park. The coworking space included bookable meeting spaces, cycling desks, an open floor plan and, of course, Wifi.

Knowing that visiting this outdoor coworking space wouldn’t be feasible for a large amount of its consumers, L.L. Bean took the activation a step further and created a handbook with ideas on how to Be an Outsider at work.

Getting back to how I heard about this activation. I’m an avid Instagram Story watcher. I saw this on the L.L. Bean Instagram Story. And then I saw it on an Instagram Story of a blogger I follow. And then, yet another Instagram Story showcased the beauty of working outdoors. L.L. Bean worked with a variety of influencers while updating its own content throughout the day to keep consumers interested. And for me, it worked.

In my mind, this is a prime example of how having a strong social presence can benefit your brand, and how working with influencers is a great way of promoting a message or activation in an authentic way. Not to mention, this activation was integrated. Everything, including social, influencers, the website, aligned and told the same story, helping to amplify the activation even further.

Why I love this activation is because I could see myself being able to take these ideas and apply them in my life. Working at Fast Horse, we are given the freedom to work wherever we want. We have a rooftop where we have meetings. We take the time to get outside, even if it’s just walking down the street to grab lunch. As much as possible, we take the time to Be an Outsider at work.