A Minnesota Summer

June 6, 2018

No matter the season, Minnesotans love to talk (complain) about the weather. Not me though. I have no time for it. After living in a city with no seasons (shout-out to Portland) I appreciate the bitter cold as much as the sweltering heat. Yes, even when there is a literal 100-degree difference from month to month, I don’t complain. We all have our moments, Mother Earth is allowed a mood swing now and then.

We are officially in summer in Minnesota. A time of pure anxiety and fomo about getting enough sun and experiencing enough lake time. There is something about the slow, steadiness of winter that I miss in summer, which is why I adore stormy, rainy days. No guilty feeling about laying on the couch watching reality TV all evening.

When you get over the anxious feeling that you’re not doing enough during summer, you can start enjoying activities. Biking around, swimming at Cedar Lake, eating Punch Pizza on the patio, drinking beer outdoors, going north to the cabin. In Minnesota, if you don’t have a family lake cabin you know someone who does, and if you don’t know someone who does, you are guaranteed to live within two miles of a lake, which allows you access to lounge-on-the-beach-by-a-body-of-water time.

Here at Fast Horse we get “summer hours,” which allow us to work from wherever Friday mornings and have Friday afternoons off (as long as you have your work done). This allows for an early jump on the weekend and, if you’re headed up north, a jump on MN summer traffic. It has allowed me to catch moments like this beautiful Thursday night lake sunset, three hours north of the cities.

In Minnesota, people appreciate every ray of sunshine they can soak in. But it is my belief that fighting through the cold winter months makes the summer even more enjoyable.