Making It Easy To Go Green

May 30, 2018

I could give you a lot of facts regarding climate change and how we’re altering the world’s natural order. But I’m going to skip them. I’m guessing you’re up to speed. But what you may not know is how to make adjustments in your own life to help preserve the planet. I’m glad you asked! Here are some quick and easy things you can do today. Try them. They won’t bite. They’re habits that can last a lifetime. Hopefully a long and healthy lifetime.

At Home 

  • The big three R’s: Reduce your waste, Reuse what you can and Recycle what you use. Cans and plastics need to be rinsed out before you can recycle them. Single-use plastic bags can also be recycled (like your bread bag).
  • Stop using straws. Amazon sells a pretty good selection of glass and metallic straws that you can wash and re-use. Think about it. You drink out of a straw for no more than five minutes and then toss it away. Now multiply that by how many drinks you have a day and it starts adding up. You can always opt for drinking straight from the cup.
  • When possible, avoid single-use bags like grocery store bags or zip-lock bags. Amazon has a great selection of re-usable silicone bags that are even dishwasher safe.
  • Minneapolis just launched a new composting program. Instead of throwing your food scraps and perishables into the garbage, save them in a container and coordinate for the city to pick them up. This stuff can be used as fertilizer and can go back to the earth. Otherwise, it ends up in a dumpster where it rots and releases gases that are bad for the environment. Not to mention that it stinks up the place.
  • Say no to plastic bottles and yes to re-usable metal bottles.
  • Try to cut as much aluminum wrap and plastic wrap as possible. This is a great alternative.
  • Don’t leave the water running when you’re not using it. Close your tap between brushing your teeth and cleaning your dishes.
  • Cut down your car usage and carpool.
  • Say no to plastic eating utensils. When ordering take-out you can always ask them not to pack any.
  • Gum is hard for Mother Nature to get rid of so be mindful of your gum consumption.
  • Cancel unwanted or unnecessary junk mail. It cuts down on the amount of paper and all of the supply chain necessary to get it to you.
  • Instead of throwing away old clothes and shoes, try repairing them so you can wear them for longer.
  • Try finding eco-friendly options for your everyday hygiene utensils, like bamboo toothbrushes or metal razors instead of plastic ones.
  • Use coconut oil and a rag to remove your makeup, instead of using individual make-up remover pads.

In The Office

  • Use less paper and recycle the paper that you use. You can also print double-sided to reduce paper use.
  • Try to avoid plastic water bottles. Bring our own re-usable bottle and fill it up.
  • Make sure you turns your electronics off when they are not in use and at the end of the day.
  • Bring your own mug to get coffee, and bring it along with you to your favorite coffee shop. This will reduce the amount of cups and lids you consume.
  • Print on draft mode to save some ink.

If you are interested in digging deeper, here are a few interesting people to follow:

Happy recycling everybody!